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About Us

Rural King has a rich history that spans several years. Whether you are new to doing business with us, or have been a strategic partner for many years, please take the time to explore and understand our past. This section will help you understand our culture of doing business, strategic initiatives, core values, mission statement, and more.


Part of doing business with Rural King is ensuring that we have streamlined communication to quickly process and address any questions that pertain to our partnership. With that, it is important to us that we reach out to the right individuals to ensure quick resolution.

In this section, we ask that you identify the names, numbers, and email addresses of specific individuals in your organization that can help out when issues arise


As of August 1st, 2019, Rural King is operating under a new Vendor Agreement. In this agreement, we cover all aspects of the business and what each party needs to do in order to be successful. All of the documents related to the Vendor Agreement, including all addendums, can be found in this section

Contact Us

As noted above, streamlined communication with the correct individual is necessary to ensure an effective resolution. Keeping in the spirit of this philosophy, we have provided different ways to reach the right people within our organization if the need arises where you need to quickly come to resolution with an issue.

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